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We aim at becoming a dominant player in the global wetsuit, life vest and water-sport apparel market.


Global Sky International will develop brands to accommodate various market segments in the industry.


Our brands will leverage e-commerce and social media as a distribution channel. 


We fully recognize our brands have to be built on original designs and we have established our design and development team both locally and in the Netherlands.

Our aim is to embrace a global vision of trends and needs that our products will be based on. 

It is to our advantage that we possess 15 years of manufacturing experience so that we can turn these designs into products rapidly.


We look at our brands as a person. That is how we build character into them.

Every brand of ours is distinguished by the market segment they aim at. Our brands are also brought up by individual teams to maintain an independent style, technical requirements and marketing strategy.


Like a person, our brands will present their own charisma and value. 



Hisea is our manufacturing arm and for the past 15 years, we have been selling our products under this label. Our factory in Dongguan, PRC also operates under this brand name.


Scubadonkey is our online retail section. We now run a successful Amazon brand store under this brand which helps us diversify our revenue channels.


Aqua Polo is the next generation wetsuit. We aim at creating wetsuits that incorporates technical skills such as cutting and advanced material processing into the design. This will give us an edge over most of our competition. 



Aquis Lunae will be our state of the art, high ticket brand. It will be of the highest technical requirements, employs state of the art materials and boasts designs that raise the benchmark of the industry.

Product Ranges

Our product ranges from wetsuit to rashguard to life vest to diving accessories. Our customers should benefit from a one stop shopping experience. 

Private Labelling

With a minimum order quantity, we will provide our customers with branding services. Our high quality products have proven to be successful in the market. ODM services are handled by Hisea.



Neoprene wetsuits and Lycra rash guards for men



Neoprene wetsuits and Lycra rash guards for women



Neoprene wetsuits and Lycra rash guards for kids.


Life Vest

High-grade life vests with safety certification.



A wide range of high-quality water sports accessories.


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