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Global Sky International is a Hong Kong based company. Our core business is manufacturing wetsuits for water sports and triathlon. 

For 15 years, we have been manufacturing for global brands such as O'Neill, Mares, Mystic, just to name a few. Equipped with the skills and experience, we moved toward building our own brand. Starting with the Hisea label in the China market, moving towards the global market with our other brand, Scubadonkey, we have proved our vision is on the right path.

We have yet developed 2 other brands to enter the high end and professional market. Our goal is to provide products and services to companies and consumers with the whole spectrum of water sports apparel. 

With our factory in China and mamagement and design in Hong Kong, we are fully confident that our goals can be achieved.

The next few years will prove to be our rapid growing years. We hope you can join us to create our business worldwide and take advantage of our competitive edges.

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